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^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Tue Feb 9 04:32:52 2016 [Edit/Delete]
woolfgaurd Ok, I don't know much about the politics of South Carolina, although I would presume conservative.

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Tue Feb 9 03:57:13 2016 [Edit/Delete]
Christopher Marlowe,

South Carolina


^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Tue Feb 9 03:56:10 2016 [Edit/Delete]
wolfguard Iowa was first, next is New Hampshire, what state comes after that?

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Tue Feb 9 03:26:58 2016 [Edit/Delete]
Christopher Marlowe,



^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Tue Feb 9 03:10:37 2016 [Edit/Delete]
Anyone around tonight?

^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Tue Feb 9 02:04:59 2016 [Edit/Delete]
my computer is being extremely
persnickity. I am getting beyond
tired of that 'oh, snap' error

^ v
Maverick says:
(Tue Feb 9 00:48:21 2016 [Edit/Delete]
Christopher Marlowe: Will you see an honest representative in Pierre? And the Magic Eight Ball Says

^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Tue Feb 9 00:18:27 2016 [Edit/Delete]
Home and herabouts.

Tomorrow I will be traveling to the state capital of Pierre and hope to catch the rare sighting of an honest congressional representative!

^ v
Trivia Girl says:
(Mon Feb 8 21:55:48 2016 [Edit/Delete]
Sunnydale's Trivial Pursuit

Category: Movies
Question: Who was the teenage werewolf in I Was A Teenage Werewolf?
Answer: Michael Landon

Trivia Betas: Maverick
Trivia Alphas: notsoshygirl, oldmanfan, shadowquest

^ v
KAM says:
(Mon Feb 8 21:53:51 2016 [Edit/Delete]
Good Morning Everyone,

Christopher Marlowe: I've been following the news on the debates, but have watched very little. I watched some of the last Iowa debate.

Maverick: Yes, I learned a few things.
1) "Computer Experts" were wrong several times, and following their advice would have resulted in data loss.
2) The supposed "low probability" of motherboard failures certainly did not match my experience, AND this gives a good lesson that no discrete instance of anything should be expected to conform to a statistical value. I could go on about people who blindly quote statistics placing undue/incorrect value on them, but that's really another subject.
3) Dell customer service technicians are basically single-function robots.
4) Dell "next day" service is something that is broadly interpreted.
5) Customer service is generally disappointing.
6) "Computer Experts" (at least the subset I dealt with) have little ability to diagnose an actual problem, and simply attempt to use trial and error to "fix" a problem.
7) "Computer Experts" are no less likely to fail at proper identification of a problem than anyone else. Side note: My view that improper identification of problems is the CAUSE of many other problems (beyond this computer problem) continues to be strongly supported.
8) Dell is very interested in addressing your customer service concerns AFTER the problem finally gets fixed, and talking about it, while offering ZERO actual action to address the problem or failings.
9) Talk is cheap, but I already knew that.
10) They still have no idea what was wrong with my original computer, and after two weeks finally got a replacement up and running.

I could go on, but I suppose it would be (even more) variation on what I've already said.

Ty King Fan

^ v
Dogmeat says:
(Mon Feb 8 21:24:52 2016 [Edit/Delete]
Happy BirthdY Seth Green

^ v
Maverick says:
(Mon Feb 8 20:12:16 2016 [Edit/Delete]
Trivia Girl: Lawrence Talbot, Jr. aka "Hairy."

Birthday Happies to: Everdawn

Everdawn is Maverick Fanfic Recommender #11 in good standing.

KAM: You recently had computer problems? Any hard-learned lessons you can share?

Obama's Department of Homeland Security ordered employees to scrub the records of Muslims to make them invisible terrorists (in other words, hiding them.)

Yay, Caughtinthequiet, Yay!

Today is Monday February 8, 2016 A.D.

Word of the Day: circumvent (SIR-kum-VENT) to avoid by artfulness; to outwit; to avoid an obstacle by going around versus facing head-on Word Used in a Sentence The attorney circumvented the prosecution's argument by showing a report that the defendant had never had his car repaired.



^ v
wolfguard says:
(Mon Feb 8 20:05:58 2016 [Edit/Delete]

^ v
DaddyCatALSO says:
(Mon Feb 8 18:32:01 2016 [Edit/Delete]
ElectroKitty I started posting on UPN's Threaded Bronze (theya lso ahd aLinear) in late S-6, and found this palce early in s-7 when UPN's Board went tot eh chat lice before dying.

^ v
ShadowQuest says:
(Mon Feb 8 18:15:43 2016 [Edit/Delete]
Zoom through

3 can play at that game...

Trivia Girl Jonathan Smith.
AKA Eugene Maurice Orowitz.
Otherwise known as Michael Landon

Birthday Gnomette Oz's first name is Daniel.

Zoom, zoom

^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Mon Feb 8 17:57:19 2016 [Edit/Delete]
notSoShyGirl Any valentine plans?

^ v
notsoShyGirl says:
(Mon Feb 8 15:59:02 2016 [Edit/Delete]
Trivia Girl
Pa Ingalls, or Michael Landon

^ v
OldManFan says:
(Mon Feb 8 15:48:18 2016 [Edit/Delete]
Trivia Girl - Little Joe Cartwright... Michael Landon.


^ v
Trivia Girl says:
(Mon Feb 8 15:39:19 2016 [Edit/Delete]
Sunnydale's Trivial Pursuit

Category: Movies
Question: Who was the teenage werewolf in I Was A Teenage Werewolf?

^ v
TheBirthdayGnomette says:
(Mon Feb 8 14:15:06 2016 [Edit/Delete]
Today is Monday, February 8th 2016 C.E.

We have SEVEN (7) Birthdays!

Motorcycle Au Pair Boy
Princess Naunie
Seth Green as Oz Osbourne

Happy Birthday from the Bronze
Betty, copaceticsoul, Everdawn, MaPB, Princess Nannie, Seth Green, turlex!

Yesterday, my life's like, 'Uh-oh, pop quiz!' Today it's like, 'rain of toads.' Xander, 'The Harvest'

to be added to the birthday list, please email

^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Mon Feb 8 14:06:59 2016 [Edit/Delete]
yay caughtnthequiet!

Goodbye Blue Monday!

KAM Have you been following the GOP debates at all?

^ v
KAM says:
(Mon Feb 8 13:50:43 2016 [Edit/Delete]
Good Morning Everyone,


Ty King Fan

^ v
YayOfTheDay says:
(Mon Feb 8 13:05:38 2016 [Edit/Delete]
let's hear a great big bronze cheer for caughtnthequiet!

yay caughtnthequiet!

Goodbye Blue Monday!

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Mon Feb 8 06:27:33 2016 [Edit/Delete]

The Bronze had been around a year or two when I came across it after the original airing of The Wish, c. December 1998. After BtVS left the WB at the end of 5th season, the Bronze was closed down. I believe this may have had something to do with its relations with the WB. During the summer of 2001 bronzers migrated to other sites; however, around the time 6th season premiere the Bronze Beta appeared and has been running ever since 2001 to now. "Running" because of people like Phoenix and Artie.

Agent Cooper,

I've been listening to the Prime Minister's Q&A on C-SPAN. The channel is now broadcasting Trump's speech to folks at Plymouth State University. After a few minutes of warm-up he talked about how the federal government was forbidden to negotiate for drug prices and how that was related to big pharma's donations to politicians. ~ 300 billion dollars of inefficiency. I'll end that ~

Seach results on negotiating drug prices.

He's very good. The only politician I've seen in the past few decades who is as good or better with a audience is Bill Clinton. Oh, and Trump's hair is dark grey. Looks better than the dyed version. *g*

I continue believe a person should first serve as a state governor before running for president. It should be a requirement. *g*


^ v
Maverick says:
(Mon Feb 8 04:24:21 2016 [Edit/Delete]
Christopher Marlowe: You were smart to tell me that about "Downton Abbey" or I might have spilled the beans, etc. I love watching British series on DVD's as I can turn on the Subtitles. BTW, have you ever seen "Rich Man, Poor Man"?


Private Eyes

^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Mon Feb 8 03:45:36 2016 [Edit/Delete]
Good game, but now for a real

^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Mon Feb 8 01:18:21 2016 [Edit/Delete]

I the the US is only halfway through
downtown Abbey. 5 eps out of teni
am keeping mostly unspoiled so far

Hi elkectrokitty! I think most
folks post on the bronze on Facebook
these days.

^ v
Maverick says:
(Sun Feb 7 22:37:46 2016 [Edit/Delete]
ElectroKitty: Oh, that old thing--the Original Bronze. If you need proof to show your niece, I've collected a lot of the old stuff from the Internet Archive (called the WayBack Machine. Look on my Website down where you see the word Nostalgia and take that link. You can view at least two week's worth of postings from the olden days AND even some posts from the forerunner of the Bronze (TV James' Ultimate TV Buffy Board.) I hope you enjoy it. You can even read some of my fanfic on the Maverick site.


Let's Stay Together

^ v
ElectroKitty says:
(Sun Feb 7 21:36:45 2016 [Edit/Delete]
My goodness, this place is still around!
I had no idea. What's it been.. 15
years? I'm watching BtVS with my 12
year old niece and told tales of a forum
where nerds hashed out story details
from the Jossverse long before it was
fashionable to do so. Crazy. Have
some of you been here the entire time?

^ v
Maverick says:
(Sun Feb 7 20:57:33 2016 [Edit/Delete]
lostinamerica: Did you take that link to the YouTube video on the pronunciation of deus ex machina? That was helpful.

Christopher Marlowe: Did you finally get through the entire "Downton Abbey" series? I just finished it last night and was thrilled and richly rewarded. Julian Fellowes and crew just never made a false move and I consider it probably the best series there has ever been on Television. Up to that point I would have said it was "Rich Man, Poor Man."

Recently I watched Season One of a AMC Series called "TURN" about spies for Washington during the Revolutionary War. It was very well done and I recommend it. The villains were especially effective.

Great Debate: Dinesh D'Souza versus Bill Ayers (Weatherman radical and Obama's buddy) at the University of Michigan 2-3-16

Agent Cooper: Let me just say something regarding kidney stones. I don't get them BUT I drink loads of decaf coffee, BUT I've had two cats (one male, one female) who got those painful crystals in their urine problems and I began to believe it was the hard water in this area (It's Community Well Water.) I started giving my cats only distilled water and never had another problem (problems are expensive.)

Ooops, I'm a tad behind in vocabulary words.

3 Days Ago was Thursday, February 4, 2016 A.D.

Expression for the Day: Cognitive Dissonance (COG-na-TIV DISS-oh-NANCE) (noun) (Psychology) Mental stress or discomfort experienced by an individual holding contradictory ideas or attitudes, OR who performs an action contradictory to a held belief OR who receives new information that conflicts with existing beliefs, etc. Word Used in a Sentence: Molly could not accept the cognitive dissonance that her beloved husband had actually cheated on her.

Two days ago was Friday, February 5, 2016 A.D.

Word of the Day: prolix (PROH-licks) (adj) Tediously long and wordy; (of a person) given to speaking or writing at great length. Word Used in a Sentence: Of American Authors Hemmingway would never have been described as prolix, whereas Thomas Wolfe certainly would have been described that way.

Yesterday was Saturday, February 6, 2016 A.D.

Expression of the Day: bête-noire (BET ne'wire) (French) something or someone that a person dislikes or dreads; bugbear, bugaboo (translates from the French as "black beast") Word Used in a Sentence: His cousin Freddie was my father's bête noire.

Today is Superbowl Sunday, February 7, 2016 A.D.

Word of the Day: rustic (RUSS-tik) (adj) of or pertaining to the country (versus urban); simple or unsophisticated; uncouth, rude, or boorish (noun) a country person; an unsophisticated country person. Word Used in a Sentence: John had to get back to the city, having quickly tired of the rustic charms of his rough cabin in the woods.


Send Her My Love

^ v
ShadowQuest says:
(Sun Feb 7 20:53:24 2016 [Edit/Delete]
Comma Hoax from last year.

It'll be all over the news when it actually happens, not just on AOL.

^ v
Agent Cooper says:
(Sun Feb 7 20:05:23 2016 [Edit/Delete]
Wolfguard - Trump is pretty much funding his own campaign. He's not taking donations and he's said openly nobody had better expect anything in return for it.

Is he being truthful? Who knows!

^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Sun Feb 7 19:45:06 2016 [Edit/Delete]

If he was truly dead, it would,'nt
take long for it to be confirmed.

^ v
DaddyCatALSO says:
(Sun Feb 7 19:32:16 2016 [Edit/Delete]
What I Want from You

"Be nobody's darling but mine," said the singer,
On a record my grandfather played.
Do you think that's what I want from you ?
I wonder, and it makes me afraid.
You were the power and I was the base,
In this love that we had in our time,
Our souls brought to each other the things,
To fill the gaps that we felt in our minds.
But like everyone else, we lived in a world,
Where life is often a storm,
And something found us, like it always can,
From your side, 'gainst my will, I was torn.
But I can't take the rest that now should be mine,
Your sadness is still just so great,
I know you need time, that you have to grieve,
But I worry how long you might wait.
Live for me, love for me, let yourself feel!
Touch someone that I've never known,
No truer way is there to keep it alive,
That love to each other we've shown.
Go places that we would have liked to have shared,
Please, darling, please tell me you know,
That after the love that the two of us lived,
Where you venture I always will go.
People will die, true love never does,
We've made one from two for all time,
No matter whoever 'tis touches your heart,
By your memories of me , they'll be mine.
Your crying is real, but life also goes on,
We've both always known that that's true,
For you to be happy, awake, and alive,
You know that's what I want from you !

^ v
Comma says:
(Sun Feb 7 19:00:28 2016 [Edit/Delete]
Edited: Sun Feb 7 19:09:20 2016
I cannot confirm this. AOL just had a report, that stayed on line maybe 15 minutes, that Charles Manson had died. I cannot find it posted anywhere else. The article did state that he died at age 80. He is now 81. If I find more I will post it.

I believe that this is just another internet hoax.


^ v
lostinamerica says:
(Sun Feb 7 13:52:55 2016 [Edit/Delete]
I heard about Mr. Robot, a
TV series on the USA network
about a hacker trying to bring
down the corporate world. I
decided to take a look and it
really is good :)

Agent Cooper--Hope you're
feeling better--I've heard kidney
stones are the worst :(

Belated Happy Birthday

^ v
TheBirthdayGnomette says:
(Sun Feb 7 13:40:54 2016 [Edit/Delete]
Today is Sunday, February 7th 2016 C.E.

We have FOUR (4) Birthdays!


Happy Birthday from the Bronze
Celtique, Schoolgirl, Theo86, Ventrue!

I'm just waiting to see if I pass out. Long story. Mal, 'Heart Of Gold'

to be added to the birthday list, please email

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Sun Feb 7 04:24:15 2016 [Edit/Delete]
Christopher Marlowe,

Who talks about him as being presidential?


^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Sun Feb 7 03:34:55 2016 [Edit/Delete]
wolfguard You know your
alphabet! *g*

I don't have a favorite governor,
although I am partial to one past
governor of South Dakota. Alas, he
cannot run from beyond the grave.

Senator Thune is the only one that
has been talked about as being

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Sun Feb 7 02:31:29 2016 [Edit/Delete]
Christopher Marlowe,

Bush, Christie, Kasich (note they are alphabetized *g*).

I do not know where Kasich stands on immigration, but I believe the current
Republican position on immigration is silly and self-defeating in the long-


^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Sun Feb 7 02:24:26 2016 [Edit/Delete]

Any specific Governor you like?

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Sun Feb 7 02:17:00 2016 [Edit/Delete]
Edited: Sun Feb 7 02:21:25 2016
Christopher Marlowe,

I'd have to study the proposition. I'm tired of people becoming senators,
because they want to run for president and need a national stage - and
people accepting them because the perform well behind a podium. It's

ETA There are three traditional paths to becoming a presidential candidate:
a Governor's mansion, the Senate, or the Vice-Presidency. The Senate route
is the safest. You get the stage and if you play cards right, minimize the
risk of making a mistake. Any governor is worth six senators. *g*


^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Sun Feb 7 01:40:48 2016 [Edit/Delete]

A parliamentary system would be
interesting, but How about a direct
democracy? No more electoral

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Sun Feb 7 01:27:02 2016 [Edit/Delete]
If my prejudice is not yet clear, here it is ...

A candidate for president of the USA is not properly tested if they have
not been a governor of a state. I do make exceptions for mayors of monster
cities and four-star generals (preferably five stars). *g*


^ v
wolfguard says:
(Sun Feb 7 01:04:35 2016 [Edit/Delete]
Edited: Sun Feb 7 01:06:03 2016
Christopher Marlowe,

I'm not a supporter of Trump, but I think those who discount him as a
buffoon are fooling themselves. He's doing pretty much the same thing
that Obama did in 2008 - he's playing the emotional chords of certain

The other day after Santorum endored Rubio, a reporter asked him what
were Rubio's accomplishments? There was a long, pregnant pause. Rubio
has presence and speaks well - but that's about it. Not much more than
Senator Obama did when he decided to run. People are moved by emotion
and reason goes out the window.

Rubio is not in the league as any of the governors running - or have run
in the case of O'Malley. And yet, Rubio is being positioned as the
establishment favorite. He runs best against Clinton.

And they're probably right. If Obama could beat Romney, then experience
is a third-rate factor. :)

ETA We should consider a parliamentary system. *g*


^ v
Maverick says:
(Sun Feb 7 00:31:28 2016 [Edit/Delete]
Christopher Marlowe: Here's the best rendition of the Games of Thrones Theme as sung with children's voices. On the site, just click on the Right Arrow.

I went to the Library Friday and bought home DVD's of "Downton Abbey Final Season" and "Just Call Saul, Season One," and "The Bridge, Season One." I'm already thrilled with Disc One of Downton. Wow, they sure know how to move an audience.



^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Sun Feb 7 00:11:39 2016 [Edit/Delete]

They also probably figures trump
would not be held accountable. *g*

^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Sat Feb 6 23:31:26 2016 [Edit/Delete]
It's alive!!!!

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Sat Feb 6 23:22:11 2016 [Edit/Delete]
Christopher Marlowe,

I have not seen the movie, but have read parts of the book on which it
is based - also called, The Big Short. It approaches the
financial crash of 2008 by looking at several men who took bets that it
was going to happen by 'shorting' the market.1

Most people take 'long' positions in their investments. For instance,
they buy a stock hoping it will go up in value so that they'll make a
profit when they sell it. People who take a short position are betting
the particular asset will go down in value. Here's how it works using
the fictional stock, GO-BUY.

I believe GO-BUY stock is going to drop in value.

1. I borrow shares of GO-BUY contracting to return the same number of
shares at specific time in the future.

2. I immediately sell the GO-BUY at the current price and stash the

3. Sometime between then and when I have to return the GO-BUY stocks, I
use the money to buy new GO-BUY stocks - the plan is to do this when the
stocks have dropped in value. If they have, I keep the difference minus
transaction costs. Example ...

Day 1: Borrow 1000 shares of GO-BUY contracting to return the shares on
Day 7.

Day 1: Sell 1000 shares of GO-BUY at current price of $5 a share for
total of $5,000.

Say on Day 4 the price of GO-BUY drops to $4 a share. I could buy the
1000 shares I need to return on Day 10 for $4,000 and keep $1,000 minus
transaction cost. OTOH, I could wait and see/gamble that the price will
continue to drop. Let's wait.

Day 5: Price drops to $3 in the morning, but then climbs back to $4.50
in the afternoon. Sell or wait some more? We'll wait.

Day 6: Price climbs all day ending at $5.75 per share. Once it crossed
$5/share I would definitely be losing money; on the other hand, it could
continue to drop over the next 4 days which means losing even more
money. Or it could rise again ...

Day 7: Drops to $4.25! Should I buy now - it would cost $4,250 leaving
me with $750. I want more and have nerves of steel. Wait

Day 8: Drops to $4.00. Buy or wait?

Day 9: Drops to $3.50. We're approaching Day 10 when I have to make good
on returning the shares by the end of the day. Should I buy at $3.50
before the day closes or wait and see what the morning of Day 10 brings?

Day 10: ??????

In practice, people do this with millions of dollars at stake, much of
it borrowed money. The guys in The Big Short looked at the
financial conditions c. 2007-2008 and bet it was a house of cards
waiting to fall, which in did in September with the collapse of Lehman
Brothers. AIG's bail-out happened later that same month.

1 They were actually shorting specific financial instruments,
I just don't remember which ones.


^ v
wolfguard says:
(Sat Feb 6 22:41:15 2016 [Edit/Delete]
Christopher Marlowe,

I suspect when one is considering donating that much money, then they see
it as an investment. One wants a relationship, a person they can hold
accountable. Political parties are hard to hold accountable for anything.
They are faceless wannabe-uber-bureaucrats. *g*


^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Sat Feb 6 04:41:23 2016 [Edit/Delete]
wolfguard It seems to me that
such groups/individuals would be
better off supporting conservative
policy, than particular people.

^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Sat Feb 6 04:18:04 2016 [Edit/Delete]
Edited: Sat Feb 6 04:34:23 2016
wolfguard My apologies for my lack of posting tonight. I shall
read, think and post. *g*

That 'Falling Giant' article was interesting and it sounded so very familiar. Not
because of what I remember of the bailout, but because there is a movie 'The Big
Short' which I think its about that general crisis over CDOs, but and it includes

With regards to the backing of Jeb Bush, it seems that the other Bush is something
of a money pit and it seems his chances of a nomination are next to none. The
same goes for CARLY for America, which I presume supports Carly Fiona.

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Sat Feb 6 04:16:21 2016 [Edit/Delete]
Yay Tamz!

Finished my spell of posting content. If I could post BtVS stories,
analyses, or haiku I would. :)

Good Night to All


^ v
wolfguard says:
(Sat Feb 6 03:45:28 2016 [Edit/Delete]
Agent Cooper,

This past January, the Wall Street Journal reported that Maurice
"Hank" Greenberg donated $10 million dollars to 'Right to Rise', the
political action committee backing Jeb Bush.

Greenberg was the chairman and CEO of AIG when it had to receive an $85
billion bail-out from the federal government in September 2008. AIG's
financial products division had sold CDS's to cover CDO's and when many of
those failed, AIG did not have the capital to make good the claims.

Google "AIG 2008". The first result, ~ Falling Giant ~ is a case study of
the affair on


^ v
wolfguard says:
(Sat Feb 6 03:24:13 2016 [Edit/Delete]
Edited: Sat Feb 6 03:26:03 2016
Agent Cooper,

Forbes online article titled, ~ 10 of the top 11 political donors
in 2016 presidential race made Forbes 400. They included a bar
graph. I'm not now able to link so will para-copy it. *g*

Format: Name / Amount / P.A.C.


1. Some of the names appeared to be 'chopped'. In those cases, I googled
the partial name and if the result seemed reasonable used it. I have *
those names.

2. Since it was a bar graph I had to eyeball estimate some of the

3. Additional Forbe's summary at bottom.

1) George Soros / $6 million / Priorities USA Action

2) __ Saban / $3 million / Priorities USA Action

3) Peter(?) Singer / $2.5 million / Conservative Solutions/Right to Rise

4) * Kenneth C Griffin / $2.5 million / Conservative Solutions

5) * Jerrold Perenchio / $2 million + / CARLY for America

6) George Macricostas1 / $2 million / PAC supporting Rand

7) Peter Thiel / $2 million / CARLY for America

The last four people donated more than one million dollars, but less
than two million dollars

8) *Jay Pritzker2 / CARLY for America, Conservative
Right to Rise

9) Laurie Woods / Priorities USA Action

10) Robert McNair / Pursuing America's Greatness, Conservative
Solutions, CARLY for America

11) Donald Sussman / Priorities USA Action

1 Not on Forbes 400 (?)

2 One online bio of Pritzker says he died in 1999. I'm going
to assume this was a family donation.


4 of the 11 are Democrats

7 of the 11 are Republicans

All of the listed Democrats gave to Clinton, none gave to Sanders

Most of the Republicans gave to Rubio or Fiorina. None of them gave to
Cruz or Trump.

Next up, Maurice Greenberg, ex-Chairman and CEO of AIG


^ v
wolfguard says:
(Sat Feb 6 02:50:51 2016 [Edit/Delete]
Christopher Marlowe,

A recent Foreign Affairs article argued against the practice of
creating strategic doctrines. Sometimes one is better off knowing their
goals or interests and then working the ship towards them. Trump's style
plays to this approach.

The Chinese have a saying - don't they always *g* - Crossing the stream by
feeling the stones.

Just finished reading a Forbes article on individual donors. More


^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Sat Feb 6 02:24:33 2016 [Edit/Delete]

That is one positive about Trump, he
does have a vested interest in
getting the most out of a deal.

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Sat Feb 6 01:30:07 2016 [Edit/Delete]
Christopher Marlowe,

The other day, Jimmy Carter told the British (Parliament?) that he
prefers Trump to Cruz. Why? Because Trump is 'malleable', he doesn't
have any firm principles he'd fight for.1 Trumpet is project
oriented. "The Deal" is really the process of getting something done
between people who may have conflicting interests. You're going to have
to make compromises, but you want to do it in a way that brings you the
best results given the situation.2 This is one reason Trump
doesn't go into the details of his policy positions - the bargaining
process will change how the problem and opportunities are seen. Don't
put up unnecessary barriers in the beginning. Don't show folks you
cards. Don't say 'never' if you're not seriously committed to 'never'.

Anyway, what's their choice? Clinton or Sanders? It's possible someone
would break-away and form a third party, but then it's also possible
Bloomberg would run to offer a 'third way' between the extremes of Trump
and Sanders/Clinton-Sanderized.

1 Cruz immediately trumpeted Carter's 'endorsement' and

2 If you'll be doing more than one deal with the same people
or with others who have some idea how you've done deals before, the
'reputation' becomes important. Can you be trusted? Do you bluff? etc.

I'm sure the Koch brothers know of oligarchy, but they probably perceive
it as already existing in DC and the coastal liberals.


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ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Sat Feb 6 00:55:33 2016 [Edit/Delete]

I wonder who will support the
eventual nominee? If trump wins,
will the others support him?

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wolfguard says:
(Sat Feb 6 00:26:31 2016 [Edit/Delete]
Excerpt from CNN Online: "What young voters want"

"...And, make no mistake, these young adults "feel the Bern" in
unprecedented numbers. According to, 84% caucused in Iowa
with Sanders. That's significantly more youth support than Barack Obama
amassed in 2008 -- when he garnered 57%.

"It's about revolution in a way," Joe Luther, student body president of
Georgetown University, told me. "A revolution in changing the way politics
works. What's so appealing about Sanders with young people is that we've
grown up with complete and total political gridlock dominated by a couple
of big donors, super PACs, and, what he's calling for is a very grassroots
way to govern."


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wolfguard says:
(Fri Feb 5 22:26:13 2016 [Edit/Delete]
Agent Cooper,


Format = Company / Contributions / Lobbying

For 2014 Election Cycle (numbers to nearest billion dollars)

Google / $4 billion / $17 billion

Koch Industries / $11 billion / $14 billion

By Ranking:

Contributions (16,889 entries)

Koch Industries ranked 14 and Google ranked 50

Lobbying (3,514 entries)

Google ranked 9 and Koch Industries ranked 19

Note Koch Industries and Koch Enterprise(s) are two separate
entities. The latter's contributions are only in the thousands. I don't
remember Koch Enterprise(s) having any lobbying expenditures shown.


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