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Due to the diversity of the audience we wish to attract and retain on our site we have some policies that we enforce directly and we ask all posters to follow these regulations.  If you have any doubts about a post, please err to the side of being cautious.   Thanks for your understanding and your abiding by these policies:

If a poster continuously violates these rules after being warned and asked to stop the behavior we can take the following remedies.

We do ask for cooperation from other Bronzers to report to us any violation of these terms.  When these violations happen to contact us ASAP and directly via email and not via posts on the board.  We are the only one who can make the determination if one of these rules have been violated and what remedy if any will be taken. 

We will not get involved or referee any inter-Bronzer disputes.  We believe the board's community is self policing enough to allow them their own latitude on how to handle disputes.  The community is free to agree to guidelines and other rules for posting in order to promote fairness and to encourage active participation and ease of communication, which includes the 4 post per hour rule which is widely accepted..  We are not here to steer the direction of any conversation nor are we here to endorse or enforce any of these rules and guidelines that the community may agree to.

Users are allowed to post under multiple screen names, even at the same time, if they desire.  This board supports and allows anonymous posting.  We do however provide all posters IP address so that readers may identify these multiple identity posts.  Additionally regardless of the number of screen names used that poster is subject to the posting time limits described above.  Posting under multiple screen names is not a direct violation of our rules unless it can be shown they have

  1. Stolen another posters established identity 
  2. Registered another users identity in bad faith in order to prevent that victim from using their desired identity
  3. Knowingly posting as another identity, especially as a member of the cast or crew of the shows in order to confuse other Bronzers.

We do however reserve the right to step in if and when any conversation, threads, or posts are directly affecting the majority of users enjoyment of the board and availability of the board even if the postings are within the guidelines provided above.

Finally, we reserve the right to change or modify these regulations from time to time and by posting you agree to these terms of use and any future changes.  If at any time you no longer agree to these terms, you must stop submitting or reading posts from this site and its related pages.